Get Excited! Ultimate Muffin Fighting Championship 3 is Near

Ihhhtttt’s tiiiiimmeeeee to get ready to rumbbbbblllleeeeeee and GATHER BAKE AND THROW your way to the top at the Ultimate Muffin Fighting Championship 3!

This time, we’re making big moves.

participants playing Muffin Fight 2022
Muffin Fight at GDX, KDays 2022 in Edmonton

First, we represented at TEDxYYC, and then we represented at GDX @ KDays.

This time, we’re collaborating with the local Calgary esports community, and running a tournament!!

About Ultimate Muffin Fighting Championship 3

Did you hear about our goal to reach #10000Players on Muffin Fight?

In this community-driven event, we want you to come and support your local indie games and VR studio and help us reach our goal!


For this tournament, we are battling it out until the Top 3.

There will be prizes to be won.

Playing Muffin Fight, 2022 in Edmonton
Playing Muffin Fight at GDX, KDays 2022 in Edmonton

Date, Time, & Place

This is an in-person event, so all participants must be on location to qualify for placement.

The tournament takes place:

  • Date: Saturday, November 26, 2022
  • Time: Registration begins at 12:00 PM. Tournament begins at 12:30 PM
  • Place: the East Annex @ Platform Calgary, 407 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2K7

Register to Compete at Ultimate Muffin Fighting Championship 3

This is a registered event, and registration is open Wednesday November 9th – November 23rd.

Therefore, register early to secure your spot because there is a maximum of 48 players!

Register here!

Because community is important to Red Iron Labs, we encourage participation regardless of access to and experience in playing virtual reality games.

Registration Cost for Ultimate Muffin Fighting Championship 3

We’re adopting a Pay What You Can model to support access to VR gaming.

 This model includes three different price points for tickets:

  • Muffin Fight Tournament Registration $5
  • Peer Support Registration $10 (this pays for yourself and an individual who would like to participate but is unable to due to financial circumstances)
  • Pay what you can

By using this model, minimum game licenses are covered, and tournament cost doesn’t limit participation.

Our decision is also in support of Calgary’s intersectional arts community. The pricing model allows a larger number of people to attend events, including seniors, students, and other artists.

Any Final Words?

Undoubtedly, we totally love people’s passion for sport.

However, we ask that you please refrain from any Hulk-like transformations at this event.

This is a family-friendly, fun, all-ages, all-inclusive, safe-space event, therefore, we ask that you keep it friendly, fair, and fun!

Additionally, we’d like to thank those organizations that strive to elevate Calgary’s emerging tech scene.

UMFC 3 is in participation of #InnovationWeekYYC, which is powered by the Platform Calgary and Startup Calgary and sponsored by the University of Calgary.

The venue has been generously provided by Platform Calgary.

Got Questions?

Chat with us on Discord.

Don’t Know What the Fuss is All About? Check out the Muffin Fight Trailer!