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Our Vision

What defines us? What makes us unique and interesting? Where are we focusing our efforts?
We aim to be different. We create dark immersive games. We make them inclusive. We use local talent.


We focus great VR experiences, but our games are also VR optional! No headset? No problem! Immersion to us is more than just technology, it also means bringing story telling back to games.


We love everything from apocalyptic survivals, to dark comedy, to tales of the paranormal. Horror to us means more than jump scares! It also means amazing environments full of ambience, atmosphere, suspense (and yes, sometimes the occasional touch of terror).


Discrimination dominates the entertainment industry. We challenge how we build our games, and how position power and violence in every title. Inclusion to us also means accessibility - we spend a great deal of time trying to find ways to make sure our games are a natural fit for all users.


We utilize local talent in everything we do from development, to graphic design, to audio recordings to marketing itself. This means creating jobs and giving back to our community as much as possible.

  • Development

    Effort spent on development, including alpha, beta and release builds.

  • Marketing

    Time spent on marketing, social media, attending conferences and real life game demos.

  • Art and Audio

    Time spent on everything from sprites, to animations, to 3D modelling and even audio work.

  • Business Dev & Ops

    Covers the time spent on presentations, invoicing, book balancing, and other business creation practices.

User Feedback

We've had a blast attending different conferences and locations. Check out some of the feedback we've recieved so far!

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