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Can you believe there’s less than 9 weeks left in 2022? However, we’re not phased here at Red Iron Labs, in fact, we’re doubling down on our products and putting our energy to make Muffin Fight the sleeper hit of 2022 and growing the #MuffinFight community. So get your game on because we have some exciting updates coming!

Muffin Fight was launched February 2021 as an ultra fun arena-style, high-action multiplayer virtual reality game where you bake muffins to defend your kingdom (aka your virtual bakery) from other evil baking overlords (i.e. your opponents). In other words, you have 3 minutes to gather, bake and throw as many muffins as you can at other players!

Play Muffin Fight: the ultimate food fight battle.

Seriously though— who doesn’t love a classic food fight?

Well, we’ve heard a lot of feedback from current players and we’re committing to making Muffin Fight OG a funner experience for all, along with focusing on our #MuffinFight Community on all our socials especially Discord.

And if you have ideas on how to improve your Muffin Fight experience, joining our Discord is the best way to share!

We’re releasing a Christmas Edition on December 16, 2022 with a set of new features.

What changes will you see when you play Muffin Fight?

Firstly, the update will be available on Steam, itch, Oculus, and Pico’s storefronts.

Of course, for those of you who are eager to perfect your baking and throwing strategies now rather than later (which is 100% Red Iron approved BTW), you can buy it now on Steam or The update will be available to you by default.

People playing Muffin Fight at the TedXYYC event, 2022.
Muffin Fight at TEDxYYC, June 2022

Additionally, our team is working hard to add a social space with voice chat and new game play modes (including quick, custom and single-player) allowing you to experience the game in variety of ways.

Our goal is to gain 10,000 new players by the end of 2022.

You in? Play Muffin Fight and join our Discord

So, you know our goal, and now you’re wondering how can you support?

Follow our journey— Join our Discord. Watch our TikToks, read our blogs, attend our events and reshare our shit. Also, stay connected (Twitter, Insta, Linkedin), and support your #1 local indie VR game studio!

OH, and of course you can also support our studio and buy your own copy of Muffin Fight today and Play, Play, Play!

What can you expect to see in the coming weeks?

Content. Lots of content as the countdown to launch day begins.

Ready, set, go!

So… here we go, let the countdown begin. And we ain’t playing, no. Unless it’s #MuffinFight.

P.S. Join our Discord. Also, buy Muffin Fight and join our discord….


pssst… join our discord.