Creative Space

Forged out of a passion for game development and rapid prototyping, our team has mad skills.

We use our expertise of cutting edge VR technology, combined with 3D modeling, 360 video, and creative design to deliver immersive virtual reality products for business functions such as marketing, applications, product demos, and simulations.

We get to make some really cool stuff.

About Us

Founded in January of 2016 by Rosalinda Hernandez and Lloyd Summers, Red Iron Labs is a small innovative technology studio operating out of Calgary Alberta. Created as a unique crossroads of prototyping, technology and video games – it goes much further back as a merging of different brands and initiatives into a unified company.

What makes us most excited is creativity and loving our work. We have an incredible team that makes this all possible.


We know how badly we need to grow technology in Calgary. With restricted access to developers and cutting edge technology, getting into software development (especially in new fields such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality) can be a daunting task.  And building large development teams without validating a prototype can be scary.

We make this easier by building something amazing and leveraging our experienced team members well versed in the latest technology. Our team members have decades of combined experience with hundreds of shipped apps, games and mobile titles. 



We don’t have clients – we have partnerships.

We know what it is like to have a startup and a small business – this only works when everyone is successful.  From reseaching funding opportunities, to engaging your clients, to developing an amazing project – our goal is to do a lot more than just get your project out the door.


So, what kind of trouble do we get into?  We split our team between internal projects born out of passion such as Games, and community and partnership focused projects under our Services.


We’ve been fortunate to work on some pretty cool projects with local Universities, Transportation companies, Lidar teams, Engineering, the Blackfoot community, and even medical companies.

We are lucky to have a great technical team.


There is no doubt, we have a passion for games.  From mobile transport sims, to a black & white RPG, to complex VR experiences, to VR fairtale games, and even complex multiplayer titles – we’ve made a lot of fun stuff.