Game development is an adventure. We get to make cool stuff.


The Story of Jonathan Blake


  • Horror
  • PC Game (w/ VR Support)
  • You wake up in the middle of the night and realize you’re not alone. Armed with your wits, make it through your apartment and survive the ABDUCTION.
On Steam


Cool arcade space shooter for VR


  • Action
  • PC Game (w/ VR Support)
  • VectorWars is a cool arcade style space shooter, with full support for VR (Oculus, OSVR, HTC Vive) and non-VR (Gamepad/Mouse) support.
On Steam


Her Name Was Sarah


  • Horror
  • PC Game (w/ VR Support)
  • Play as Sarah in this episode, and uncover the truth behind your alien abductors as you wake up and find yourself in an abandoned hospital.

Unity Asset Pack

MEGA PBR Outdoor Materials Pack (230+)


  • Unity3D Asset Pack
  • 2K Textures
  • With over 230 different materials to pick from, this growing collection of PBR materials is for rapid prototyping and game development.

Virtual Reality Devices

After years of making horror games, we got to build for just about every headset! On the one hand, we've come to believe our headsets are cursed. On the other, we've identified many trends. So, in a sentence or two, what do we feel the different headsets good for?

We are proud to be a part of Razer’s Indie Fund program. OSVR is the only opensource hardware AND software solution. It comes with SteamVR support and runs on lower end systems. Great for education.

HTC Vive & Oculus

Desktop VR, mixed with room control, unlocks the power of true immersion. Recommended for immersive games, simulations and marketing experiences. Currently the Tesla (top coolest tech) of VR.

Mixed & Augmented Reality

Overlaying reality with digital information, MR (such as Magic Leap & Hololens) is perfect for industrial use. While AR (based on ARCore & ARKit) reaches consumers through mobile devices.

Mobile VR

While considered by some the most limited VR experience, mobile VR also has the biggest reach. From many all-in-one headsets, to Google Cardboard, to DayDream – this is an excellent way to showcase a product, demo or 360 video.

Our Vision

We make really great story driven games, and we are part of an amazing community.
We dare to be different! And we are proud to be an indie studio.


We are proud to be Calgary's first VR game studio! A truly immersive game stays with you, it changes you, and changes how you perceive the world.


Horror, darkness, the macabre. We cannot get enough. We make games that excite, scare and sometimes terrify us all.

Open Community

An open community game company is one that participates back, contributes to other studios, and loves building a game community. We believe in education, improving ourselves, inclusion, and transparency.

  • Games

    Having hundreds of mobile titles under our belt, we spent 2016 in a VR focused R&D cycle. By 2017, we began selling new content with thousands units pre-sold.

  • Assets

    Asset sales include developer tools, 3D models, and materials. In 2017 we began selling products to other developers.

  • Services

    Launched in 2017, our services already account for the bulk of our revenue. This includes contracting, development and creative services to other amazing studios.

  • Publishing

    With access to over 250 million gamers, we've begun flexing our publishing arm in advance of our 2018 launch.


Wondering what we've been up to lately? Here are some highlights...
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