Unity Asset Geometry Shooter COMPLETE GAME PACK

After many months of development, we are proud to announce Geometry Shooter – a complete asset game pack for Unity3D!

Geometry Shooter Asset Pack is a fun, retro inspired asset pack for creating space shooters quickly. Although it contains 2 complete games for examples, it is meant as an asset pack resource for creating your very own space shooters using retro line-art based design (without using pixel art)

Tested on Mobile, VR and WebGL!  Tested on 5.5, 2017, 2018, 2019. Extremely high performance models, and shaders for creating an amazing retro-inspired video game. In this package, you will get music, sound effects, 3D models, art, assets, shaders, code and demo examples – everything you need to make an amazing game fast!

What’s included?
– Detailed instructions
– 33 Unique Prefabs (Asteroids, Bullets, Enemys, Powerups, Player Ships, Wall and Particles)
– 20 unique models (Actual blender file)
– 24 different retro sound effects (Blast x3, Cancel, Death x3, Destroy, Die x2, Enemy Appear, Hurt, Laser x3, Panel Use, Pickup x3, Ready, Select x2, Start & Transition)
– 2 music tracks (Heavy dub-step like song, and a high energy techno tune)
– 2 complete game demos (Showing the models in action)

Need more?
– 2 custom shaders (Pixel & VHS)
– 1 lens flare (blue)
– 1 custom space skybox
– 1 custom Font

Optimization Details:
– Low batch calls (75)
– High FPS (415)
– Small Tris (12,500)

All models combined are a total of 11,712 tris!  The entire package is less than 7MB including demo music, SFX and scenes.


Get it here!