Announcing Cauldron VR (A Hansel and Gretel Story)

In this puzzle game based on the Hansel and Gretel story, you play as the evil witch 14 years after the events from the book.

You’ve managed to capture the children and are preparing to EAT them by cooking them in your Cauldron. But, first you must cast your most evil spell of all… the TRANSMUTE ENERGY spell.

But … is there something different about Hansel and Gretel? It feels like there is something they haven’t told you. Something about them is different. And they were just a little bit too easy to catch …


Built for Google Cardboard VR, requires no controllers, and operates on look-to-select.

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Originally created for Game Jam 2018 by Lloyd Summers and Rosalinda Hernandez, with the Video created by Brennah Robinson.