Server Migration & Email Outage Restored

Over the last 9 years, our website and company has grown considerably. I’m proud to announce we’ve moved to our own high-end dedicated hardware for our website (yay!!) and much faster and better systems as we continued to outgrow the service capacity of our original web-host.

I’m proud to announce we are now fully running on Canadian data centres for all of our websites (and not just user data!). This meant migrating dozens of websites, DNS entries, and domains.

Unfortunately, we discovered this morning that one of our mail servers wasn’t configured properly – and emails were not getting through.

  • This created an email outage from 8:30PM 2024-04-26 (Friday) to 11:15AM 2024-04-29 (Monday)

If you attempted to contact us between this time frame, please do so again, everything is now back online and better than ever 🙂

The good news is this puts on some very powerful infrastructure which will have a massive improvement on our platforms and data going forward.

Thank you!