Red Iron Labs at VRDC & GDC

This year, we decided to fly down to San Francisco to go to our first game conference!  What an amazing experience, surrounded by great people and innovative thinkers.

What an amazing event!

Partners & Tech


We had a great time, and got to meet with many of our amazing partners.  It was great to finally meet with our Razer representative, who has been amazingly supportive throughout our VR process.  And even had a chance to play The Division on a Razer Blade Stealth (it was as much fun as it sounds).

They hooked us up with drinks, food and some great swag.

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Oculus Rift

I had the chance to stop by the Oculus booth, and play their multiplayer setup for Eve: Valkyrie (Short version – it was as incredible as it sounds.  It made me a little uncomfortable with all the aerial spinning, but it was super cool).  I definitely did not win for our team, but I got to enjoy almost killing a few ships before dying… over and over again.


The headset fit amazingly well and was crystal clear to play with.

Other Tech

While we were there, we got to network with many great groups and catch up on the latest gear.

We met Deepoon, a very interesting company out of Japan making wired and wireless VR headsets.  We also met GameFace Labs, a very cool new-age tech company specializing in wireless HDM’s (head mounted displays).  We got to see a cool looking exoskeleton body tracker.  An alternative to MYO that will shock you (to represent making contact).  A giant tube that blows hot and cold air at you while you play – and even a giant bird simulator.

IMG_20160316_124159 IMG_20160316_130209 IMG_20160316_161122 IMG_20160316_152749 IMG_20160316_155750 IMG_20160316_132740

All around cool technology, a massive learning experience, and a great group of people.  Highlight recommended!

Indie Games

While there, we also stopped by the indie booth and saw people playing a cool game from another Calgary developer (Radu @VividHelix).  His game is called Semispheres!

Upcoming News

In Red Iron Labs Ltd. news, we recently had an interview with local radio station CJSW.  And thanks to our excellent partnership with Razer, we may have our new game Abduction up and running at their E3 booth – how cool is that?  We will share additional information when it becomes available.