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We created our motion capture studio with one goal in mind: To deliver an outstanding quality of animations. Our talented team of animators and motion designers have gone on to create amazing animated content for companies all over the world.


Built in the Northwest quadrant of Calgary, our very first volumetric studio is dedicated to high quality digital twins, digital replication and virtual holograms.


Our simulations are capable of being translated in over 20+ languages, and are powered by our professional voice over capture artists and our extended network.

Massive User VR Platform

Red Iron Labs | 2019-2023 Cultivate is an upcoming massive online open world game from Red Iron Labs.  You can build spaces for music, art, exhibits, or even public events!  The robust system allows you to create anything indoors, outdoors or of almost any type.

Dementia Care Training

Lethbridge College | 2019 – 2022 CareGiVR is a VR training platform that enables care providers to interact with virtual patients who exhibit a wide range of emotions produced through AI and performance (motion & facial) capture.

Cyber Safety Education

YouthLink Calgary Police Interpretive Center | 2022 This presentation app for facilitating and reinforcing security lessons to children. It includes various game and quiz modules that are tied to an online safety and cybersecurity program.

Fire Safety Program

Calgary Fire Department | 2021 – 2022 Home Fire Safety is part of Calgary Fire Department’s training initiatives for youth and other members of the community learn about the safe way to address fires within the home. The platform hosts different scenarios for use on PC and virtual reality.

Virtual Reality Laboratory

Fletcher Technical Community College | 2021 Labvatar is a multi-user virtual reality laboratory that enables students to collaborate with teachers and each other, and complete real-world exercises virtually.

VR Training for Youth

IndigeSTEAM | 2021 – 2022 Part cultural, part technical– this curriculum teaches Indigenous youth how to create a virtual reality game. Lessons include user design and experience, Unity functions, and creating 3D models in Blender & Zbrush.

Stroke Recovery Program

University of Calgary | 2020 – 2022 Neuro RecoVR is a platform that enhances neuro-recovery through repetition, cognitive challenges, and physical therapy. The platform uses PC and virtual reality to target motor skills, vision, and cognition.

Massive Multiplayer VR Platform

Red Iron Labs | 2020 – 2021 Designed for cross-training, education and virtual meetings – Social VR is our online platform for collaborating and working together using Virtual Reality! Each room is uniquely secured, ensuring your team always has their own space for collaboration.