Announcing VectorWars for VR, 25% Launch Discount

Announcing VectorWars for VR by Red Iron Labs, an arcade space shooter classic!

It was almost two years ago that we first created VectorWars, an old school space shooter made for mobile phones.


When I first started on this title back in the day … it was a submission for getting hired into Good Game Studios in Germany. Little did I know just how much this game would come to mean to me. It helped me define my brand on BlackBerry 10, understand my passion for games, and it learn how difficult it is to create a full game end-to-end.


Over the last few months, many of you have attended our live coding sessions (and thank you, we love having you!).  As some of you may have noticed, about a month ago we did series of videos showing how to migrate a mobile game to high-end VR – and we chose to cover VectorWars 🙂

After much preparation and work, this great little arcade shooter is now available on Steam!

As a thank you to everyone following us so closely, the launch price has a 25% discount for the first week.

And as always, the game is VR optional (although VR is strongly recommended).

Keep tabs, we have a lot of cool stuff coming.