Abduction Episode 1 – Full Steam Ahead

We’ve had an incredible amount of work done over the last while – and today feels like a great day to share an update!  We have been incredibly busy, which means we have a ton of updates to share with you.

Alpha Builds

On our last stream, you may have noticed us creating an alpha build. That’s because our alpha builds will begin rolling out to our crowdfunders and early supporters soon 🙂  It will come with the appropriate disclaimers, but will give you a chance to explore the environment!

Background Music & SFX

As some of you may know from our streams and our discord chat – we’ve teamed up with an awesome audio team called Last Hour Productions.

They’ve stepped up to the challenge in a big way, and are creating melody driven horror in a story based environment. It is important to explain just how challenging this can be… In virtual reality, every element of the story telling experience needs to be well planned and thought-out.  Creating these materials requires a deep level of precision!

We’ve been working very tightly together, and are going with them not only for the music, but the voice overs as well.  They are doing an incredible job!

Script & Voice Overs

We finalized the early access script a few weeks ago, and completed the audio voice overs (also through Last Hour Productions).  We are currently in the process of adding the scripted elements into the levels.

I’m excited to say that this is the longest script I’ve ever put into a video game, and I can’t wait for us to be able to share this story with you all.


We’ve discussed in the past, in quite some detail, the structure of the alien hierarchy and their roles, and we are currently working our website content to make it easier to find all those “details”.

In the meantime though, we are in the final stages of completing the grey alien, and have previously completed the hunter. I won’t go into too much detail, as the models are still getting a final update, but we also got to see the aliens blink for the first time this week, how creepy is that!?
An interesting side note: Each alien has a unique blink pattern. Theoretically, you could start to tell them apart by their blinking … but the chances of surviving long this close to them is fairly unlikely.

Live Coding

I know, we keep pushing live coding. But it has been an absolute blast – we’ve already recorded over 68 hours of us creating ABDUCTION live, with over 3,000 views and counting!  Many of these viewers provide feedback in real-time, letting us brainstorm on really cool scenarios and 3D environments.

Graphics & Level Design

From a level design perspective, the levels are mostly complete.  We are working through them now to finish the scripted elements and cleanup any outstanding artifacts.

But rather than go into the specifics, why don’t we just show you?