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Transportation FMCSA Training in VR

United Vision Logistics | 2020 Hands-on training modules for properly securing large transportation vehicles. The VR simulation was based off traditional HR training videos, and allowed trainees to interactively go through the securement process mandated by corporate policy.

Industrial VR Extruder Repair

ExxonMobil | 2020-2021 Created from photographs taken at the client site, our team created a highly accurate replica of the environment. And created, built and developed the virtual reality process needed to educate and teach workers on how to maintain and repair the large industrial extrusion systems.

Physical Equipment Simulations

ExxonMobil | 2020-2021 The Physical Pipe and Repair Simulation is a series of 4 separate VR modules with physical pipes. It provides an interactive virtual reality environment, to disassemble, repair and reassemble critical pipeline and valve systems in an oil and gas environment. The VR simulation trains technicians how to […]

Critical Chemical Safety Simulation

ExxonMobil | 2019 – 2020 VR training simulation for high-risk procedure. Decanting is a critical process to separate and drain water from a liquid propylene tank. Failure to follow procedure can critically injure personnel or cause a propylene leak into sewage and filtration systems.