About VectorWars VR

VectorWars is a cool retro-style arcade space shooter, with full support for VR (Oculus, OSVR, HTC Vive) and Non-VR (Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse) players.

Journey of Humanity

It has been over 800 years since we left the planet earth behind. Isolated, and lost, we’ve clustered around our space stations like insects.

In 2842, it finally happened. Aliens attacked, and we were forced to defend ourselves.

In this space shooter, you play as Andy, a reluctant asteroid miner that must defend humanity against the alien invasion! Relying on advice from your sidekick, tackle the aliens head on!


VectorWars was a low definition, old school arcade game we created for mobile many years ago. During our live coding streams, we showed how you can rework and recreate old mobile games for high definition, modern VR systems! We recreated and restructured our game to take full advantage of everything VR!

Read about the original mobile journey and follow along on our video stream as we brought it to VR on liveedu.




  • 11 Achievements
  • 22 Upgrades
  • Tons of enemies
  • Multiple ships to choose from
  • 1 snarky sidekick