Starting a Career at Red Iron Labs

We work with cutting edge technology and rapid prototyping and experimentation, which requires a very unique team.  With projects ranging from commercial augmented and virtual reality projects, to video games, to custom hardware – we love learning and taking on new challenges. 


Available Positions

The following positions are available immediately for hiring.  To send a resume or inquire about a job posting, please contact us using the form below.

Unity3D Developer Position
Thank you for your interest!  Unfortunately the deadline to apply closed on October 11th, 2019.

Upcoming Positions

Although we currently aren’t hiring for the following roles, we do seek qualified candidates from time-to-time. 

  • We seek a variety of experience levels when hiring for our team
  • Preference is given to developers with a strong understanding of XR frameworks such as SteamVR, Oculus SDK, VRTK, ARCore and ARkit
  • It is strongly recommend to also have a thorough understanding of XR enabled game engines such as Unity3D or Unreal
  • It helps to have knowledge of a supplementary language for mobile or web development such as Angular or .NET
3D Modelers
  • Team members must understand the PBR workflow, with experience working with painting tools such as Substance Painter
  • We prefer modelers to use Blender, but have several team members that prefer Modo and Maya
  • Our team needs to be well versed in both organic and architectural modeling