Abduction Demo

Download the Abduction Prologue: The Story of Jonathan Blake

Our demo title is a brief episode entitled Abduction Prologue: The Story of Jonathan Blake.


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We’ve always liked you. Besides doing something really cool for a small up and coming studio, anyone who donates gets their name added to our donation list in our live stream too.

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  • Requirements
    • ~1GB Download
    • ~2GB Installed
    • Windows Only

Should I use Steam or a Direct Download?

Great question, the download from our servers is DRM free but it will periodically check home to see if a newer version is available.

However, for users that like to track their games in a single place like Steam, it can sometimes b an easier way for them to stay up-to-date and participate in the discussions or report issues.

Change Log

[expand title=”Beta 0.0.56 Jan 02″]

– Fixed a prefab issue that was impacting HTC Vive users


[expand title=”Beta 0.0.55 Dec 10″]

– Set auto assigned objects to go to right handed by default
– Removed the special effects causing Oculus to double image (scare FX)
– Fixed two shader CS entries (minor)
– Fixed an additional case where flashlights can fall into nothingness
– Fixed jump button on Oculus
– Better lock down system for gamepad interactions
– Fixed Oculus being unable to pickup flashlight
– Fixed Flashlight not following on Oculus and OSVR
– Further reduced mouse sensitivity
– Cleaned up some internal folder structures


[expand title=”Beta 0.0.54 Dec 7″]

– Changed input systems away from OSVR default (for non-OSVR users)
– Decreased sensitivity for input systems
– Changed how the ClientKitPrefab context loads for OSVR users
– Added automated crash report submission (built into Unity)
– Reduced the reach of the creatures by 20%
– Softened and changed the culling for Flashlight shadows


[expand title=”Beta 0.0.53 Dec 6″]

– Whole bunch of VIVE specific fixes, new launch methods, and better overall interaction throughout for VIVE users


[expand title=”Beta 0.0.52 Dec 5″]

– Transition states sometimes wouldn’t use an ASYNC load (so no fancy fade out for OSVR users)
– Softened controller input
– Everything fades between scenes
– After seeing intermittent problems with input at different FPS, rewrote the entire input system to have a better non-FPS structured approach


[expand title=”Beta 0.0.51 Dec 4″]

– After pouring through crash dumps, resolved major crashes in 5.5 by bringing in new particle systems and effects
– Resolved crash states on scene switching
– Fixed an issue where you hide from the enemy, and he doesn’t give up
– Bunch of changes for lighting improvements
– Completely new launch screen system


[expand title=”Beta 0.0.50 Dec 2″]

– Finally fixed autodetection
– Resolved many crash issues with Unity 5.5 caused by unsafe changes in their Particle and Lens Flare modifications


[expand title=”Beta 0.0.49 Nov 30″]

– Added mouse-lock (can be disabled by using the -unlockmouse launch param, or the settings.dat)
– Added a fix for players falling off the map on gamepad mode Death and Victory scenes
– Fixed material on spark effect (bedroom)
– Fixed outdoor scene to prevent teleporting outside of the building
– Fixed Tape Player in Main Menu (wasn’t playing)
– Episode Selection went to the wrong scene, bypassing a cutscene.
– Completely rewrote the input selection and management system
– Fixed a bunch of display issues (only impacting Oculus users)
– Removed a bunch of code for enabling/disabling direct mode in OSVR (as OSVR should be doing it automatically)
– Oculus view wasn’t resetting between scene changes
– Found a case where the tutorial level would progress (when in reality, it isn’t ready to yet)
– Fixed flashlight vanishing sometimes after pickup
– Fixed Scare Effects for visuals that have been disabled for quite some time

New Features
– Added a “cup” to the Epsiode selection room (only HTC Vive folks will be able to figure out why, hint: Smack the light!  OK, in honesty, it is just a fun way to smack the light.)
– Made the folder appear only after X amount into the tutorial dialog
– Made the episode selection folder make a sound when hitting the table
– Non-VR players now get anti-aliasing enabled
– Added new params, -ovr, -gamepad, -keyboard, -novr for overriding behaviors & added to settings.dat
– Added an “Auto Quality” manager, that will increase or decrease graphics quality based on current FPS
– Recorded new audio clips for some of the tutorial style events
– Added mouse information to hover over for non-HTC Vive users
– Added another new param -noautoquality to disable the auto quality system & added to settings.dat
– Flashlight pickup now shows usage information
– Changed front door, and other door textures
– Non-HTC flashlight was starting turned off, causing a switch state issue.  Now starts turned on.
– Adjusted the non-HTC interaction holders to aim where you are looking better
– HTC Vive flashlight still operated with pickup capabilities, should have been disabled
– Fixed text overlay getting cut off
– Re-adjusted text at end-of-demo
– Added audio states at end-of-demo
– Users can now hide from the aliens

– Increased the table size in the Episode selection room
– Updated Text on Dath and Victory
– Nightlight in Bedroom (could get a bit dark in there)
– Bed is less shiny
– Changed the tablets OS to Ubuntu Touch
– Reduced poly count of outer world on top two levels (~20%)
– Swapped some signs around
– Swapped some art from different scenes such as Main Menu
– Simplified PlayerController by moving it beside ControllerManager and recoding it to be more flexible
– Cleanup & Abstract away the Input Methods, adding a bunch of keyboard buttons, and removing a bunch of secret debug ones
– Createed new player controller structures for GamePad and Oculus to make them less dependant on OSVR
– Gamepad X, Keyboard F, HTC Vive Trigger, now turns on/off the flashlight
– Updated to the latest version of the Game Engine (fingers crossed no unexpected bugs!)
– Smoothed out gamepad & mouse movements
– Swapped out the Apartment 3D models, should be better
– Update available now only generates if you have an “older” build, not if you have a “newer” (eg. beta) build
– Improved different visual quality settings to make the change less noticible
– Rebuilt lighting for main apartment with new models
– Fixed an issue where enemy death FX sometimes causing crashing
– Fixed an issue where the player could fall off the map (Victory/Death)
– Flashlight follow is a bit more snappy
– Flashlight creation spot now moves aorund a bit
– Key creation spot now moves around a bit
– Fixed an issue with screen fading on non-Vive setups