We develop high-end immersive and interactive custom solutions through Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality with partners across a wide range of sectors and applications including Training, Safety, Education, Energy, Healthcare, Industrial, Workforce Productivity, Video Games, and Arts & Entertainment.

It is through our Game design expertise that we can provide highly realistic, interactive and engaging immersive experiences with quick turnaround periods, which empowers humxns.

We use AAA video game design, animation and modeling to develop high-end immersive solutions that showcase highly creative or realistic environments, incorporate gaming elements that increase loyalty, participation and engagement, and provide end-users with simple user-interface experiences.


We use our expertise of cutting edge VR technology, combined with 3D modeling, 360 video, and creative design to deliver immersive virtual reality products for business functions such as marketing, applications, product demos, and simulations.

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360 Video

We've captured amazing 360 footage for story telling, education, simulations and and marketing events.

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Augmented & Virtual Reality

From large companies to startups, we've created AR and VR content for all kinds of companies.

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Marketing & Simulations

Using a combination of game development methodology and prototyping, we've created marketing and simulation experiences on tight deadlines.

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Video Games

From first-person shooters, to multiplayer titles, to cryptocurrency, we've worked on some amazing game projects.

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We have experience in cross platform mobile applications, complex medical grade back-ends and even diverse web experiences.

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3D & Digital Media

We've created amazing 3D animations, models, videos and even live streaming.  If you need digital media, we got you covered!


From game to business visualization apps, Red Iron Labs helps you make your ideas
into reality with our unique VR solutions.


  • Extensive experience in VR apps
  • Experienced developers and skilled designers
  • Expertise in new VR tools and products


  • Industry-specific VR app development
  • Product marketing and support
  • Customizable and competitive pricing structure


  • Technical support and maintenance
  • Security and privacy guaranteed
  • Access to latest VR devices and tools


Graphic Design

Illustrator, After Effects, Character Animator.  We can create everything from digital media, to print works.

Web Development

We’ve created web solutions using ASP.NET, REACT, MEAN and CMS solutions such as WordPress.


The number of frameworks grows everyday!  We’ve worked with Google Cardboard, Daydream, Oculus Go, SteamVR, ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia and more!

3D Animation

Autodesk, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Blender, Modo, and SketchUp.  From animation to blendshapes to retopolization, we have your 3D needs covered.

3D Game Engines

We’ve created content using many 3D engines including Unity3D, Unreal Engine, BabylonJS, Amazon Lumberyard, and CryEngine.

Video Editing

From Adobe Premier to PowerDirector, our team does video creation and editing for 360 and standard 2D videos.

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