Beta Testers

Got Time? Wanna Be A Beta Tester?

You are going to need guts of steel!  And abs of a superhero!  Well, you have to be willing to work with broken software builds.

Red Iron Labs is always growing, and that means we are pushing harder every day to release new content.


We do have a few requirements…

  • Providing clear feedback and impressions on game titles
  • Windows PC in pretty decent working order
  • Recommended:  Part of our Discord Chat
  • Recommended:  Access to VR gear (HTC / OSVR / Oculus)
  • Recommended:  An Xbox 360 Gamepad


We also know that Beta testing is no fun, if you don’t get anything out of it.

  • Free license keys for cool games
  • Your name included in any titles you test
  • Special thank-you packages sent to top beta testers

Estimated Effort:

Very minimal, we ask that you try and get time to beta test for an hour once a month.

Sign Up!

Sign up for beta users.
We sometimes work with other studios, so it helps to know what kinda gear you have!
Sometimes we need to test cross-platform stuff. What'cha got available?
Don't forget to join our discord chat so we can keep in touch with you!